My Story

Hi, I am Anu! I live in San Francisco suburbs in California, US  and love to explore new places and vacation with my family.

Everyone loves vacations right? That feeling of breaking away from the routine, going someplace new, and experiencing new sights, food, and culture. Spending quality time with your loved ones and making new memories. I love all that too.

 But what I love even more is the excitement of researching a new vacation destination and planning for our trips. I am obsessed with thoroughly researching about things to do and creating detailed itineraries. Vacation planning is a stress buster for me and I look forward to it.

I am excited to share my destination itineraries and travel guides with you!  Are you looking to plan your next vacation? Are you searching for the top things to do in your selected vacation destination?

I am hoping my travel guides, itineraries. and experiences help you plan your memorable vacation!


My travels

I was born in India, where I completed my education and worked as a young adult.

I relocated to the US, San Francisco Bay area in my twenties and fell in love with travel and vacations as an escape from work and routine. In the last twenty years I have travelled and vacationed quite a bit in US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, India and even Dubai!

I do not travel luxuriously, I make sure to spend wisely in our travels and look for the best deals on flights and hotels. I would rather have multiple vacations a year and explore new places than spend it all in one lavish vacation. I spend more on experiences for my family. That’s just my style.

I dream to travel to a lot more places all over the world and keep on writing about my experiences and itineraries.