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3,4,5 day Las Vegas itinerary for epic family vacation (2023)

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Looking for the best Las Vegas family vacation itinerary?

Las Vegas is more famous for grown-up vacations and getaways, but there are so many family-friendly spectacular attractions, amazing shows, and incredible themed resorts in Las Vegas that it makes Las Vegas a great family vacation destination as well.

Massive pool complexes, water parks, amusement parks, roller Coasters, arcades, thrill rides, Hershey’s, M&Ms, and Coca Cola attractions, Marvel Station, and the list goes on for an awesome fun-filled Las Vegas family vacation.

Las Vegas has some of the best family-friendly buffets, food courts, and restaurants. Many world-class shows in Vegas like Cirque Du Soleil shows are family-friendly. There are plenty of amazing family-friendly resorts to stay in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is also in a prime location between some amazing National Parks and outdoor attractions, making Las Vegas a great destination to embark on day trips or road trips with family.

I have been to Las Vegas several times over the last decade. Some visits were for work trips, some with my husband, some with my kids and family, and the most recent was a girls trip with my best friends.

I am constantly amazed by the quality and quantity of family-friendly attractions and things to do with kids in and near Las Vegas.

In a hurry, and looking for the best recommendations for your Las Vegas family vacation?

Best place to stay in Vegas with family:

Best excursions in Vegas for families:

Best kid-friendly shows in Vegas:

BEST 3 to 5 day Las Vegas family vacation itinerary

Most of the attractions in this Las Vegas family itinerary on the first 3 days are part of the famous Las Vegas hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

Day 4 and 5 have options for day trips and outdoor activities like Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, and Death Valley National Park. You can also customize this itinerary to spend only 1 or 2 days exploring the Strip and do more outdoor excursions.

There is a lot of walking distance between these ginormous hotels and you can get tired very quickly. This Las Vegas family itinerary lists attractions in the order they appear on the Strip to minimize walking time, and not in order of their popularity.

This Las Vegas family vacation itinerary packs a lot and you do not have to do everything listed here. Pick the activities that appeal most to your family and are age appropriate. In the evenings relax at the pool area of your hotel and let the kids have some pool fun!

Day 1: Explore the South Las Vegas Strip

On Day 1 of our Las Vegas family vacation itinerary, we will explore all the family attractions in the Southern part of the Las Vegas Strip.

This area has some iconic hotels like New York New York, MGM, Mandalay Bay, Luxor, and Excalibur. There are several newer attractions too like the Coca-Cola World and M&M’s World.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Start your family itinerary in Las Vegas by taking a group picture at the famous Las Vegas sign! This is one of the most iconic things to do in Las Vegas. The sign is at the end of the Southern most part of the Strip and in the median divider on the main S Las Vegas Blvd.

Welcome Las Vegas Sign
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

There is a parking lot specifically for the photo ops with the Las Vegas Sign in the median. The entrance to the parking lot is going towards the Strip area. The lines can be very long during the day but move quickly.

Tip: Go there first thing in the morning like at 8 AM even before breakfast. There might be much shorter lines at that time and you won’t feel rushed.

Time needed: 30 minutes or more, depending on the line.

Cost: Free

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

This is a cool aquarium with a large variety of sharks, sting rays, jellyfish, octopus, piranha, and other marine life. You will also get to see a Komodo dragon!

The exhibits are themed and nicely done. Some exhibits have glass floors to walk on with sea life passing by underneath you or an overhead glass canopy to see sea creatures from below.

Check rates and availability for Shark Reef Aquarium tickets

There are some touch pools where you can touch the sting rays and baby sharks and some other sea animals. There are some shark-feeding add-on packages to buy. There is a gift shop at the end of the exhibit for souvenirs.

Time needed: Around an hour to walk through the exhibits.

Cost: $30 per person

Titanic Museum at Luxor

If you have older kids who are history or Titanic movie fans then they might be interested in the Titanic Museum at Luxor. Or if you have really young stroller kids you can visit this for yourself when they are napping!

This museum displays more than 350 artifacts from the Titanic wreckage. They have recreated full-scale rooms from the ship including the original grand staircase that you might remember from the movie. There is also a 15-ton original piece of the ship’s hull!

Check rates and availability for Titanic Museum tickets

The Titanic theme is well done and you feel like you are actually on the boat with the hallways and cabins and different class areas as on the ship.

At the start of the tour, each person will get a boarding pass with the name of an original passenger and at the end of the exhibit you will come to know if the passenger survived or not. A little heartbreaking to know that, but the whole Titanic history is saddening.

Time needed: Around 1-2 hours to walk through the museum.

Cost: $32 per person, discount for kids.

Fun Dungeon Arcade at Excalibur hotel

The Fun Dungeon Arcade at Excalibur hotel has over 200 arcade and carnival games. You have to buy credits on a card and then use the card at the arcade machines. The games are a little expensive and credits run out quickly.

Like any other arcade, you will get tickets and you can exchange them for not-so-great prizes. Remember Chuck E Cheese, anyone?

The Fun Dungeon has a Dairy Queen and Orange Julius for some tasty frozen treats. Good to check out if you have arcade fans in your family, and if you are in the Excalibur hotel, otherwise can be skipped.

Time needed: Depends on the number of games you want to play and the money you want to spend here.

Cost: Depends on how many credits you want to buy.

Big Apple Coaster and Arcade at New York New York

If your family has extreme roller coaster fans then they will love the Big Apple Coaster in New York New York. It has some pretty daring drops, loops and turns and delivers heart-stopping excitement!

I wouldn’t recommend it for younger kids though as the ride is bumpy. Kids have to be 54” to ride.

Younger kids who can’t ride the coaster can play in the Big Apple Arcade instead. The arcade has a lot of new games and some old classics like Skee Ball and Air Hockey. Games are a little overpriced but it’s Vegas after all.

New York New York at Las Vegas
Big Apple Roller Coaster at New York New York, Las Vegas

Take pics on the replica Brooklyn Bridge and with the New York skyline backdrop outside New York New York. There is also a replica Statue of Liberty!

Time needed: Wait time in lines for the Coaster can be 15 to 30 minutes long. Arcade time depends on how many games you want to play here.

Cost: Big Apple Coaster has dynamic pricing ranging from $15 to $25 depending on the day and time. Arcade cost depends on how many game credits you buy.

Hershey’s Chocolate World at New York New York

If you have Hershey’s candy lovers in your family then this is a must-visit! This is Hershey’s West coast flagship store. The store has a huge assortment of Hershey’s candy items to purchase.

They also have specialty items like cookies, smores, shakes, and Hershey’s chocolate-covered strawberries. Snack time anyone after all the walking?

Hershey's Chocolate World Las Vegas
Assorted Hershey’s candy dispensers at Hershey’s Chocolate World Las Vegas

The store has a Statue of Liberty made out of 800 pounds of Hershey’s milk chocolate! There are some paid in-store experiences to try like creating custom candy wrappers. The Kisses candy wall is impressive!

They have some Hershey’s-themed merchandise and souvenirs for sale like T-shirts, and mugs with your favorite candy logo on them.

Time needed: 30 minutes to an hour to browse and maybe buy.

Cost: Free to browse, but you can’t go into a candy store and not buy candy! Little pricier than the same candy elsewhere.

World of Coca-Cola store

If you have a Coca-Cola fan in your family or a soda drinker then definitely stop by the World of Coca-Cola. The store has a lot of cool Coca-Cola merchandise to shop like Coke logo t-shirts and Coca-Cola bottle-shaped souvenirs.

Coca Cola Store at Las Vegas
Coca-Cola Store in Las Vegas

The second level has a Coca-Cola fountain shop and sitting area where you can order a sampling tray with 16 varieties of Coca-Cola brand sodas for around $15. Great for a group of people or even your family. All that walking can make you thirsty for soda!

Time needed: 30 minutes to an hour to browse. Longer if you are sampling the sodas.

Cost: Free to browse. Merchandise and Coke brand drinks for purchase.

M&M’s World

M&M’s World is a must-do stop for any Las Vegas family itinerary. This is a neat 4-level store with tons of M&Ms-themed merchandise to browse. You can choose from 16 flavors of M&Ms and customize the M&Ms with your name or something fun.

M&M World at Las Vegas
M&M World at Las Vegas

Time needed: An hour to browse the M&M’s store. Longer if you are customizing M&Ms, buying merchandise, or if your family doesn’t want to leave to store!

Cost: Free to browse. Merchandise, candy, and customization for purchase. The candy is a little overpriced but they have so much cool stuff!

Day 2: Explore the Center Las Vegas Strip

On Day 2 of our Las Vegas family vacation itinerary, we will explore all the family attractions in the Central part of the Las Vegas Strip.

This area has iconic hotels like Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Mirage, Treasure Island, Paris, and Venetian with some of the most classic and popular attractions.

Bellagio Fountain Show

Bellagio Fountain Show is right outside the Bellagio Hotel and is a must-see for anyone coming to Las Vegas, even if you have seen it before! It is one of the Las Vegas icons and one of the most popular free things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

It is such an amazing and beautiful sight of thousands of water fountains dancing to the rhythm of music and light. Your family will surely be mesmerized by the grandeur of the fountain show.

Bellagio Fountain show
Bellagio Fountain show

Tip: The fountain show looks better at night because of the light effects that you cannot see during the day. You can also see the Bellagio Fountain show from the Paris Eiffel Tower viewing deck.

The fountain show is every 30 minutes during the day till 8 PM, and from 8 PM to midnight it’s every 15 minutes. On weekends the first show starts at noon and on weekdays at 3 PM.

Time needed: Total 15-30 minutes to secure a viewing spot outside the Bellagio hotel and to wait for the show to begin. The show is only around 5 minutes long.

Cost: Free!

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is inside the Bellagio Hotel lobby and is a grand and beautiful garden display that is changed every season.

The displays change for Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Holidays, and Lunar New Year. Great place for some Instagram-worthy pics for the teens in your family!

Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at Las Vegas
Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at Las Vegas

The garden décor is magnificent and grand and the scenes are awe-inspiring. There are large-scale animal statues, flowers, water structures, and light effects telling a seasonal story.

The attention to detail is truly remarkable. It’s magical to spend some time here and get immersed in nature in the middle of Las Vegas.

Time needed: Around 30 minutes to admire the display, Take your time to look at the details, it’s really worth your time.

Cost: Free!

Fall of Atlantis show at Caesar’s Palace

The Fall of Atlantis is a free show inside Caesar’s Palace Forum shops with animatronics, visual, and sound effects. There are talking statues, dragons, and fire effects to keep audiences of all ages captivated.

The show explains the story behind the fall of Atlantis kingdom due to sibling rivalry. The kids in the group will like this attraction and they perhaps might learn a lesson or two to not fight with their siblings!

Fall of Atlantis Show at Caesars Palace
Fall of Atlantis Show at Caesars Palace

The show runs Thursdays to Mondays from noon to 8 PM, every hour at the start of the hour for around 10 minutes. While you are waiting, there is also a huge aquarium in the same hall worth checking out with a huge variety of sea life.

The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace is a great family-friendly place to walk around and do some brand-name shopping in Las Vegas or just window shopping!

Time needed: 30 minutes to an hour. Suitable for all ages.

Cost: Free!

Eiffel Tower viewing deck in Paris Las Vegas

Las Vegas has its own Eiffel tower which is a replica of the real one in Paris and is half the size of the original one. How cool is that!

There is a viewing deck on the 46th floor and you can book a ticket online to reserve a ride. There is also a French restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Check rates and availability for Eiffel Tower viewing deck tickets

The Eiffel Tower viewing deck has amazing views during the day as well as at night time. During the day you can see sweeping 360-degree views of the Strip area, Las Vegas city, and the vast Mohave desert beyond.

Paris Eiffel Tower Las Vegas
Paris Eiffel Tower Las Vegas

Tip: During the night time you can see the iconic neon Las Vegas Strip area lights. You can also see the Bellagio fountain show from up there as it is right across the street from Bellagio. The fountain show at night runs every 15 minutes till midnight.

You can take some fabulous photos from the Eiffel Tower viewing deck. The viewing deck is open Thursdays to Mondays from 5 PM to 12 PM and tickets are around $30 per person.

Time needed: 1-2 hours. Suitable for all ages.

Cost: Around $30 per person.

Mirage Volcano Show

The Mirage Volcano show is another Icon on the Las Vegas Strip for decades. It is a spectacular show of fire and music and a must-see.

The catchy drum beats by the Indian percussionist maestro Zakir Hussain really take the show to the next level. You can feel the heat from the volcano fire, it’s so fierce!

The Mirage Volcano fires every hour at the start of the hour from 8 PM to 11 PM. Arrive at least 30 minutes early if you have young kids to get a little in the front of the line, otherwise, there will be layers of spectators, and the kids might not be able to see.

Time needed: Around 30-45 minutes to wait for the show. The show is only 5 minutes long.

Cost: Free!

Marvel Avengers STATION at Treasure Island

If you have Marvel movie fans in your family then this is a cool attraction they will enjoy. The Marvel Avengers STATION has authentic props and costumes that were used in the Marvel movies.

Avengers fans will love to see and interact with the Avengers props like Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s hammer, and Iron Man’s mask.

Check rates and availability for Marvel Avengers STATION tickets

There are some interactive exhibits and fun photo ops to pose like your favorite characters. The Iron Man suits exhibit is so cool! There is a gift shop at the end to buy Marvel merchandise.

Time needed: Around 1 to 2 hours to walk through the exhibits.

Cost: $40 for adults and kids 12 and above. $30 for kids ages 4 to 11.

Venetian Gondola Ride and Grand Canal Shops

The Venetian Gondola ride is a little pricey but a special activity to do with your family especially if you have not been to Venice. The gondolier sings as he/she pilots the gondola through the water canals, passing shops, and cafes and you feel like you are transported to Italy!

The gondola rides are offered outdoors and indoors, both are unique experiences.

➡ Check rates and availability for Super Saver Gondola and Wax Museum tour which combines Gondola Ride with Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum, both at the Venetian.

Venetian Gondola ride
Venetian Gondola and Grand Canal Shops

The Grand Canal is lined with boutiques, cafes, and high-end stores on both sides. The entire interior feels like you are in Italy. The bridges, gas lights, outdoor café tables, and painted ceilings are all breathtaking. You can walk the same route the gondolas take. The Grand Canal Shoppes is a great place for shopping in Las Vegas.

Tip: Every day at 9:45 AM and 4:20 PM, the Gondolier March occurs, in which the gondoliers sing in unison as they march along the indoor canal. This is free to see and is amazing. If you want to skip the Gondola ride, you can see the free Gondolier March and then walk along the Grand Canal instead.

Time needed: Gondola ride is around 15 minutes. There might be a line to ride depending on the time of the day. You can spend an entire day just browsing the Grand Canal shops.

Cost: Gondola ride is around 35-40$ per person. Buying the picture they take is extra. It’s free to roam and browse the Grand Canal Shops.

Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

If you have celebrity fans in your family then a visit to Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in the Venetian Hotel is a great activity, especially if you have not been to a Wax museum before. The Museum has wax statues of classic celebrities and newer ones, even from Bollywood.

The new Marvel exhibit is great to see with Spiderman and Hulk poised to spring into action. Kids might like to see the new Dwayne Johnson statue as most younger fans know him from the new Jumanji series.

You will be awe-struck at how real-life these wax statues are. The details of the facial features and expressions, hair, and skin are just incredible.

There are a lot of photo ops to pose with your favorite celebrities. You can pay to get a wax molding of your handmade!

Tip: You can now upgrade your ticket to include a Marvel 4D experience for the Avengers fans in your family. This is a really cool experience to see all the Avengers in 4D! It also includes a VIP photo pass with a digital download.

Time needed: Around 1-2 hours to see all the exhibits at the Wax museum.

Cost: $37 per person for wax museum admission. $43 per person if you add the Marvel 4D experience (recommended). Buy tickets online a day in advance for the cheapest rates.

➡ Check rates and availability for Super Saver Gondola and Wax Museum tour which combines Gondola Ride with Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum, both at the Venetian.

High Roller Observation Wheel at The LINQ Hotel

Take in some spectacular views of the Las Vegas Strip from the High Roller Observation Wheel at The LINQ Hotel.

Please keep in mind that this is not like an amusement park Ferris wheel. This is more to take in the views during the day and the lights at night time, and it goes super slow.

This is the largest observation wheel in the US and goes 550 feet above the ground. The ride takes 30 minutes. There are 360 views and excellent photo opportunities. The spheres (viewing cars) are air-conditioned and there is seating inside.

LINQ Promenade Las Vegas
LINQ Promenade and LINQ High Roller in Las Vegas. Pic Credit:

➡ Check rates and availability for LINQ Observation wheel tickets

Tip: Keep in mind that alcoholic drinks are allowed inside the viewing cars and you will be mixed with other groups as the capacity is around a maximum of 35 people per car. Avoid nighttime rides with kids, and choose early daytime rides. If it’s just grown-ups, pre-book a ride time around sunset to see the daytime views and the Las Vegas lights come to life.

The LINQ Promenade is a nice open-air shopping mall below the LINQ Observation wheel and a cool place to shop with teens in Las Vegas.

Time needed: Around 30 minutes for the ride and extra time if there is a waiting line.

Cost: Daytime tickets are around $25 for adults and $9 for kids. Nighttime tickets are around $35 for adults and $18 for kids.

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Las Vegas is free to all exhibit built around 4 acres of gardens with tranquil elements like waterfalls and streams, exotic plants, and foliage. The habitat is home to a variety of exotic birds like flamingos and pelicans, turtles, and marine life.

The koi pond with the waterfalls and the fish is peaceful and relaxing to watch. The entire habitat is very serene and younger kids will love looking at the turtles and the flamingos sleeping on one leg.

Time needed: Around an hour to walk through the habitat.

Cost: Free!

Day 3: Explore the North Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street

On Day 3 of our Las Vegas family vacation itinerary, we will explore all the family attractions in the Northern part of the Las Vegas Strip.

This area has fewer hotels like Circus Circus and Stratosphere with family attractions. During the daytime, you can also go to Fremont Street and Container Park.

Adventuredome and free Circus shows at Circus Circus

Adventuredome is an indoor theme park at Circus Circus Hotel and Casino featuring over 25 rides and attractions. There are roller coasters here, an arcade, carnival games, and midway games ranging from kid-friendly levels to more thrill rides.

There is a new Virtual Reality room with 10 different games. You will also find a miniature golf course, laser challenge, indoor rock climbing, and indoor bungee jumping. Kids of all ages will be occupied here for hours.

Circus Circus arcade is called Carnival Midway, with many classic and new arcade and carnival games.  To access the Carnival Midway games you will need to purchase credits on a game card. 

The center stage at Carnival Midway arcade runs free circus shows every hour around the half-hour mark. The aerial dancing numbers, skilled trapeze acts, the jugglers, and funny clowns will amaze the kids.

Time needed: As much as you need as the wristband is an all-day pass.

Cost: $60 for an all-day unlimited ride wristband for 48″ or taller, $ 30 for an all-day wristband for under 48″ tall. The arcade games are extra to play and you have to buy credits on a game card.

Stratosphere rides and Sky pod

The Stratosphere rides are for the most adventurous thrill-seekers in the family. This is for the teens and adults in your family who enjoy thrill rides.

There are three extreme thrill rides at the top of the Strat Hotel – Big Shot, Insanity, and X Scream. All rides dangle you from the edge of the top and are not for the faint of heart!

➡ Check rates and availability for STRAT Tower Unlimited Ride pass ticket

You can just opt for the STRAT Tower Observation Deck experience which is just a ride in an elevator to the top of the hotel and take in the views from the indoor and outdoor observation decks.

➡ Check rates and availability for STRAT Tower Observation Deck ticket

Time needed: Around 1-2 hours depending on how many rides you do and the waiting lines.

Cost: Depends on the package you choose for the number of rides.

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street Las Vegas
Fremont Street Viva Vision at Las Vegas

Fremont Street is also called Downtown Las Vegas and there is a handful of things to do here with family.

The first one is the Viva Vision Light Show which is the World’s largest digital display built as a canopy above the Fremont Street pedestrian mall. The light show is spectacular with music and special effects.

The Light show starts at the top of the hour from 6 PM till 2 AM.

Fremont street also has SlotZilla Ziplines, street performers, and many restaurants. The SlotZilla zipline has a lower level with ziplining in a seated position and an upper level with ziplining in a Superhero position.

I recommend watching the first 6 PM Viva Vision show with family and then going to the Downtown Container park. After dark, Fremont Street can be a little more about the adult version of Las Vegas and not very appropriate for kids.

Time needed: Around 30 minutes to an hour to see the Viva Vision show.

Cost: Free!

Downtown Container Park

Downtown Container Park is also in Downtown Las Vegas and is more suitable for the whole family. It is an open-air shopping center with a playground, restaurants, shopping, and live entertainment. Kids are allowed here till 9 PM. After 9 PM the Container Park is for ages 21+ only.

There is a giant metal Mantis in the front that shoots fire from its antennas after sunset, which is sure to delight kids. The fire can go up to 6 stories high! At sunset, there is a drum circle celebration to awaken the Mantis which is fun to watch.

Time needed: Around 1 to 2 hours.

Cost: There is no entrance fee to Container Park. The Treehouse, playground, Mantis show, and stage events are free. Food is available to purchase at restaurants.

Day 4: Outdoor excursions – Hoover dam, Grand Canyon, Red Rock, or Emerald Cave

If you have 4 days in Las Vegas, try to fit an outdoor activity into your Las Vegas family itinerary. A morning tour to Hoover dam or a helicopter tour to Grand Canyon is a very popular thing to do in Las Vegas with kids.

You can even do both in a day by taking a morning tour of Hoover dam and an evening helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon.

You can also do kayaking at the Emerald Cave which is a popular family friendly water activity. For families with teens and young adults, Red Rock Canyon has several activities like ebike and scooter adventures which they will love!

Las Vegas to Hoover Dam tour

One of the most popular outdoor activities to do in Las Vegas with kids is to take a tour of Hoover Dam. Hoover Dam is only 45 minutes by car making it ideal for a morning trip.

Hoover Dam from Las Vegas
Hoover Dam from Las Vegas

Hoover Dam is a working dam that provides power to Las Vegas and is an engineering marvel. Your kids will be impressed by the sheer size of the dam. The reservoir created by the dam is called Lake Mead.

You can rent a car for the day to drive to Hoover dam or you can take a tour from Las Vegas which sometimes includes lunch.

If you are driving yourself, at Hoover dam you can take a guided dam tour or power plant tour of Hoover Dam. If you are taking a tour from Las Vegas, they usually include a guided tour of the Hoover Dam.

➡ Check rates and availability for this Hoover dam mini 3-hour tour perfect for families

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Taking a helicopter tour to Grand Canyon is a bucket list activity and one of the most popular things to do in Las Vegas with kids. Most of these tours are 3-4 hours in duration, and some include a landing below the rim of the Grand Canyon.

Helicopter Tour to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas
Helicopter Tour to Grand Canyon from Las VegasDeep in the Canyon this is where our helicopter landed for a break and snacks

We did a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and which included a 45-minute landing to take pictures, and we were provided a picnic snack and drinks. Sodas or juices were provided for the kids.

➡ Check rates and availability for this Grand Canyon helicopter tour we did with our kids and it was so worth it!!!

The aerial views of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Las Vegas Strip area are impressive from the helicopter and you can take some great photos.

Kayaking at Emerald Cave

On this family-friendly activity, kayak down the Colorado river to Emerald Cave and be amazed at the Emerald green water inside the cave. Enjoy a picnic lunch at the beach.

This highly rated small group kayak tour is beginner friendly and allows kids of all ages. They have single and double kayaks available so that younger kids can ride with the parents. There is an option to add round trip transportation from Vegas.

➡ Check rates and availability for Emerald Cave Kayak Tour

Adventures at Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas has stunning desert scenery and rock formations. The Canyon has a 13 mile loop paved road which is perfect for adventure activities. There are several activity options here.

You can do an electric bike tour or a scooter tour and admire the scenery as you ride. The tours have age and height restrictions and are more suitable for families that have teens and young adults. The tours include round trip transportation from Vegas hotels.

➡ Check rates and availability for Red Rock Canyon Electric Bike Tour

➡ Check rates and availability for Scooter Tours of Red Rock Canyon

Day 5: Day trip to Death Valley National Park

There are some great National Parks near Las Vegas for day trips. If you have a 5th day in your Las Vegas family itinerary, then a day trip to Death Valley National Park is a very popular thing to do in Las Vegas with kids.

Death Valley National Park is only 2 hours drive from Las Vegas making it ideal for a day trip. You will need a rental car for this day trip or you can book a tour from Las Vegas to Death Valley.

✅I like this Death Valley Tour because it’s only 6-8 hours as opposed to a full day which is perfect for kids. It also combines the Seven Magic Mountains with colorful rock artwork which kids will love! Check rates and availability here.

Death Valley National Park is one of the most unique National Parks in the United States. It has the lowest point in Northern America at Badwater Basin which is 282 feet below sea level.

There are several interesting things to see here like Zabriskie Point, Furnace Creek, Badwater Basin, Devil’s Golf Course, Ubehebe crater, Racetrack Playa, and Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.

Death Valley can get unbearably hot in the summer with temperatures often exceeding 120 degrees F. Mid-October to Mid-May is the best timeframe to visit Death Valley National Park temperature-wise.

Best kid-friendly shows in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has several world-class shows that are very kid friendly for ages 5 and up. Cirque Du Soleil shows are really spectacular, and the amazing circus acts will really awe-struck your kids and you as well.

Watching a family-friendly show is a great thing to do in Las Vegas with kids. Remember to book your show tickets well in advance to get the best seats for the lower-cost categories. Below are some of the best kid-friendly shows in Las Vegas:

Ka Cirque Du Soleil show at MGM is really great and kid-friendly and designed for ages 5 and up. I have watched this show and is the one I recommend the most for a Cirque Du Soleil. The dynamic stage is really awesome and all the acts are amazing. There is a story to it as well.

Check rates and avilability for Ka show

O show at Bellagio Las Vegas
O show at Bellagio Las Vegas

O at Bellagio is also a Cirque Du Soleil show and really awesome and kid-friendly as well. I watched this one most recently and is equally good. The stage is a dynamic swimming pool and the synchronized swimming acts, comedy acts, and circus acts are all amazing.

Check rates and availability for O at Bellagio show

Blue Man Group at Luxor is one of the most popular Las Vegas family shows. It combines humor, music, performances, and audience participation to create a remarkable show that is loved by families.

Check rates and availability for Blue Man Group show

David Copperfield at MGM Grand is a show focused on magic and illusion and is one of the best magic shows to watch with kids. There is audience participation as well.

Check rates and availability for David Copperfield show

Tournament of the Kings at Excalibur is unique and combines dinner with the show. It allows kids of all ages and the show is about kings and knights, jousting, music, and performances. It is a very popular dinner show among families.

Check rates and availability for Tournament of the Kings show

Where to stay in Las Vegas with family

There are several family-friendly hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with some awesome amenities for kids like pools, arcades, water parks, aquariums, buffets, food courts, and much more to keep the kids occupied.

If you are looking for a casino-free hotel, Vdara Hotel and Spa is a great family-friendly option. We stay here when we travel to Vegas with the kids. They have suites here with kitchens and one of the very few hotels on the strip that does not have a casino.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino has a massive pool complex with a waterpark and a beach. It also has an aquarium.

Circus Circus is popular among families as it has an indoor amusement park and arcade. It also has free circus acts shows and a decent buffet.

Wynn, Venetian, Caesars Palace, and Bellagio are also popular with families because of their central location on the Strip, great pools, and food options.

There are several vacation clubs near the Las Vegas Strip where you can find larger suites for families like the Hilton Grand Vacations Club and Holiday Inn Vacations Club.

If you are looking for a resort off the strip with great family-friendly activities then Tahiti Village Resort is one of the best family-friendly resorts ideal for a family vacation. The suites have kitchens and an awesome pool area with a lazy river. They provide shuttle services to the Las Vegas Strip!

➡ Check rates and availability for family-friendly hotels in Las Vegas

Where to eat in Las Vegas with family

There are endless options to eat in Las Vegas with kids ranging from Buffets, food courts, kid-friendly restaurants, and cafes.

Kid-friendly Buffets in Las Vegas

One of the most popular places to eat in Las Vegas with kids is a buffet. Buffets in Las Vegas are so grand that they are an attraction in themselves. Eating at a buffet is a very popular thing to do in Vegas with kids.

Some of the top buffets are – The Buffet at Wynn, The Wicked Spoon in Cosmopolitan, and The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace.

The Wynn Buffet is very kid friendly with familiar options like pizza, pasta, noodles, rice, soups, salads, and an enormous dessert buffet!

Dessert counter at Wynn Buffet Las Vegas
Dessert counter at Wynn Buffet Las Vegas

Money-saving tip: Morning brunch buffets are cheaper compared to dinner buffets for a similar amount of food items.

Kid-friendly Food Courts in Las Vegas

Food Courts are another popular option with families as everyone can get what they like and kids are free to roam around with open seating.

There are many excellent food courts in most casinos. The food court at Caesars Palace is really good with a variety of cuisines. MGM Grand, Venetian, and New York New York also have food courts with several cuisine options.

Fashion Show Mall across from Wynn also has a great food court with a lot of variety to choose from.

Kid-friendly restaurants in Las Vegas

There are several kid-friendly table service restaurants in Las Vegas where kids will find familiar foods.

Giordano’s is very popular with families and has great Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.

Shake Shack in New York New York is popular for its shakes, burgers, and finger foods.

Rainforest Café is a themed family-friendly restaurant with jungle décor and animatronic animals. the restaurant theme will surely delight the kids.

China Poblano at Cosmopolitan has a unique fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine and you are sure to find something on the menu for everyone in your family.

China Poblano at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
China Poblano at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes has several cafes and restaurants near the water where you can just walk up and look at the menu. Canonita is great and we enjoyed the Mexican food there.

You cannot go wrong with the chain restaurants like Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Changs, and Buca di Beppo which your kids might be familiar with.

Travel tips for family vacation in Las Vegas

Below are some travel tips to ensure you have a great time on your Las Vegas vacation with kids.

Use a Go City sight-seeing pass

Using the Go City pass lets you get entry into 35+ attractions in Las Vegas with one fee, thus allowing you to save a lot as compared to buying individual tickets. We always purchase Go City passes when traveling with family and save a lot!

If you purchase a 3 or more days pass, it includes a choice of one premium attraction that itself gives a lot of value! Many of these premium attractions are over $100 per ticket per person, so it’s a great deal.

➡ Check rates and availability for Go City Las Vegas pass

Make attractions and show bookings ahead of time

Book popular attractions times online, ahead of your visit. That way you will spend less time waiting in line. You will also spare the disappointment of the attractions being sold out.

Booking shows early will get you better seats for the same amount of money.

Make dining reservations in advance

Make buffet and restaurant reservations ahead of time. Sometimes the wait times at buffets can be an hour to 90 minutes long and it is not fun to wait in line with hungry kids for that long.

Use rideshare like Uber or rent a car

Uber is available in less than 5 minutes at every casino and is a great time saver for casino hopping. The themed casinos on the Strip are so huge that walking from one to another can easily take 15-20 minutes.

Renting a car from the Las Vegas International Airport is also a good option so that you can stash some essentials for your family in it like water and snacks.

Wear good walking shoes

Even if you use Uber there is so much walking to be done inside the casinos themselves. Good walking shoes will protect the little feet from getting too tired.

Carry reusable water bottles

All that walking can make you thirsty. Carry reusable water bottles for the kids which you can refill at the water fountains near the restrooms or at the food courts.

Plan your route to minimize walking

If you are planning to walk between attractions, combine attractions that are close by to minimize walking.

Explore the Strip area during the day with kids

Daytime is the best time to explore the Strip area with kids as there is less chance that they might encounter any adult version of Las Vegas. Evenings for kids can be spent relaxing at the resort pools and hotel rooms.

Final Takeaways: 3 to 5 day Las Vegas family itinerary

Las Vegas is world-famous for casinos and adult nightlife, but there are so many hotels creating new and better attractions that are family-friendly!

There are also world-class shows here that are family-friendly, larger-than-life buffets at restaurants, awesome pools at hotels, and some really great options for day trips which make Vegas a really great family-friendly vacation destination.

My top recommendations for a Las Vegas Family Vacation:

Best hotel on the Strip for families with a waterpark: Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino has a massive pool complex with a waterpark and a beach.

Best casino-free hotel on the Strip: Vdara Hotel and Spa

Best off-strip hotel for families: Tahiti Village Resort has pools, a lazy river, shuttle service to the Strip

Rent a Car at Las Vegas International Airport. I recommend Discover Cars as they check top car rental brands and provide the best rates.

➡ Buy the Go City Las Vegas pass for huge savings on admission fees for 35+ attractions

Best family-friendly shows:

Best outdoor excursions from Las Vegas with Kids:

I hope this Las Vegas family itinerary helps you plan a memorable Las Vegas family vacation!

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